Pink Unicorns “The lock screen on my son’s phone is a pink unicorn. When I was a teenager, I stayed far away from anything that was pink. I had never heard of unicorns before and cell phones didn’t exist.” In “Pink Unicorns”, the Cuban-born dancer Alexis Fernández is on stage alongside his son. Experience encounters […]

VEN VEN is the first choreography by the couple formed by Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández which began the international career of their company La Macana in 2008 and has been on tour ever since, visiting almost 30 countries in recent years.   Danced by both, this duo talks about love in capital letters, balance […]

Keep Going Keep Going is a piece of improvisation where Alexis Fernández’s body travels through the past, present, and future of his career as a dancer. A journey inward. Into the depths of the knowledge accumulated in his craft as a dancer. A body that knows itself to be wise and ignorant simultaneously, open to […]

No Title Yet NO TITLE YET develops around the work of the French plastic artist Vladimir Cruells. It was born from the concern to discover new ways of relating to space and movement and it began to germinate thanks to Carolyn Carlson’s commitment to our work after our first piece VEN was programmed in the […]

Damn Dance Damn Dance is a commissioned piece created for the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid in the year 2022.   Damn Dance brings to the stage the relationship with dance of the fifteen dancers who have been part of the process; dancers who arrive at the conservatory every evening to face […]

Lust Lust is a piece directed by La Macana for Pottporus –a platform dedicated since 2007 to hip-hop culture, producing dance pieces, festivals and international meetings, under the direction of Zekai Fenerci in Germany–. With a mixed group of urban and contemporary dancers, we went through the creation process of Lust. We start with a […]

Invisible Wires Invisible Wires is a co-production between La Macana and Julio César Iglesias, a Cuban-born choreographer based in Germany, who also takes on the direction, following the company’s customary international collaboration approach.   Invisible Wires is an intensely physical proposition, wrapped in a surreal atmosphere in the purest style of Julio César Iglesias. It’s […]

Cola de gallo Cola de gallo is a collaborative project between La Macana and Ember (Laura Arís and Jorge Jáuregui), made in 2010 for outdoor festivals. Cola de Gallo is a literal translation of “cocktail” into Spanish. Ours is an artistic cocktail. A collective and brief creative process, almost spontaneous, where our essences come together, […]

Drown the road Drown the road is the first collaborative work between Alexis Fernández and Julio César Iglesias, both Cuban-born dancers who have been developing their work in Europe for years. The research stems from the idea of exhausting the path, of confronting it. Drown the road  has two versions, a longer one for indoor […]