Cola de gallo

Cola de gallo is a collaborative project between La Macana and Ember (Laura Arís and Jorge Jáuregui), made in 2010 for outdoor festivals.


Cola de Gallo is a literal translation of “cocktail” into Spanish. Ours is an artistic cocktail. A collective and brief creative process, almost spontaneous, where our essences come together, fresh and sudden, in a state of immediacy. A mutual desire to explore the universe that we could create together in different encounters between Galicia, Barcelona and Bilbao.


Together, we also created an evening composed of short pieces called “Double Track”.

Created and performed by Alexis Fernández, Caterina Varela, Jorge Jáuregui and Laura Arís. Original music by Roger Marín.

Lighting design of “Double Track” by Octavio Mas.
Produced by La Macana and Ember.

"Artistic cocktail of four performers who stand out for their strength and energy with an exceptional technical quality." (Mes de Danza, Seville, 2010)"


Mes de Danza, Sevilla, 2010