Damn Dance

Damn Dance is a commissioned piece created for the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid in the year 2022.


Damn Dance brings to the stage the relationship with dance of the fifteen dancers who have been part of the process; dancers who arrive at the conservatory every evening to face the best and worst of dedicating themselves entirely to dance. Written autobiographically, Damn Dance plays with absurdity and irony in a sort of musical that speaks of love and hate in equal parts, of vocation and precariousness, of effort and exhaustion.

Direction: La Macana | Caterina Varela & Alexis Fernández

Creation: Caterina Varela & Alexis Fernández in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Alba, Claudia, Elena, Laura, Marina, Marta, Miguel, Natasha, Paula, Raquel, Sandra, Sofía, Sofía, Uma, and Yolanda

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