Keep Going

Keep Going is a piece of improvisation where Alexis Fernández’s body travels through the past, present, and future of his career as a dancer. A journey inward. Into the depths of the knowledge accumulated in his craft as a dancer. A body that knows itself to be wise and ignorant simultaneously, open to the unfolding event.


Keep going. I continue, you continue, and we continue… in any way and in every sense, in each space and in every time. The essence of movement is flow, the constant becoming, the rhythm of the pulse. Transformation and persistence at the same time, even though they may seem opposed.


To dance (and to watch dancing) makes us aware of the intensity of the here and now, situates us in that eloquent experience which is the present. However, to lend oneself to the here and now, a dancer travels through multiple times and places, accumulates past experiences, and projects others into the future. How many moments are there in a dancer’s life? Can they now be worn down by persistence, or does it, on the contrary, become stronger by continuing to offer itself?

Creation: Alexis Fernández & Caterina Varela

Interpretation: Alexis Fernández

Music: Félix Fernández