No Title Yet


NO TITLE YET develops around the work of the French plastic artist Vladimir Cruells. It was born from the concern to discover new ways of relating to space and movement and it began to germinate thanks to Carolyn Carlson’s commitment to our work after our first piece VEN was programmed in the Atelier de Paris.


Inviting us to reside in the National Choreographic Center that she directed in Roubaix (France) allowed us to discover new ways of producing language based on guidelines different from those we knew, highly influenced by the particularity of collaborating with a plastic artist.


In NO TITLE YET Alexis Fernández takes the viewer to a possibly physical, tender, fun and animal show where the body moves freely to its own limits, transforming the space in a natural way.

Direction: Caterina Varela & Alexis Fernández

Creation: Caterina Varela, Alexis Fernández and Vladimir Cruells

Performer: Alexis Fernández

Space: Vladimir Cruells

Dramaturgy assistant: Claudia Faci

Light: Octavio Mas

Video: Bruno Tracq


Produced by La Macana and co-produced by CCN Roubaix | Carolyn Carlson


"With his shaggy blond hair and pointed beard, the artist is a phenomenon. The oscillation between childish joy, silent laughter and seriousness is of the highest quality"


Maya Künzler | Cultural Journalist (Zürich, 2012)

“His ability to make us laugh while leaving us speechless at his composition of impossible figures and actions, which develop with indisputable naturalness, is surprising. That these movements that require so much physical effort and such a sharp technique seem natural, is one of the many feats of the proposal."


Serena Altair | Cultural Journalist (Barcelona, 2014)

“But what makes "No Title Yet" an experience, in the most literal sense of the word, is that it goes far beyond physical virtuosity and transports us to a variety of the most imaginative and liberating emotional and mental spaces . It manages to teach us to play in its purest state."


Serena Altair | Cultural Journalist (Barcelona, 2014)
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