Invisible Wires

Invisible Wires is a co-production between La Macana and Julio César Iglesias, a Cuban-born choreographer based in Germany, who also takes on the direction, following the company’s customary international collaboration approach.


Invisible Wires is an intensely physical proposition, wrapped in a surreal atmosphere in the purest style of Julio César Iglesias. It’s a wild mix of tormented characters riding through absurdity, death, love, and their fragmented memories. An intense experience with a delightful physicality.

Direction: Julio César Iglesias Ungo

Performers: Alexis Fernández, Tanja Fridjonsdottir, Niko Hafkenscheid, Janis Heldmann, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, and Dymitry Szypura

Original Live Music: Niko Hafkenscheid

Lighting Design: Afonso Castro

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