VEN is the first choreography by the couple formed by Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández which began the international career of their company La Macana in 2008 and has been on

tour ever since, visiting almost 30 countries in recent years.


Danced by both, this duo talks about love in capital letters, balance and tension between two bodies throughout 15 intense minutes full of strength and intimacy.

Created and performed: by Caterina Varela & Alexis Fernández

Music: by Einstürzende Neubauten

Jury First Award – XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

Audience Award– XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

Critics Award – XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

Conservatorio María de Ávila Award – XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

O Espaço do Tempo Award – XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

Bassano del Grappa Award – XXII Madrid Choreographic Contest

Fundación Autor Award – XIX New York – Burgos International Contest 

Selected European Network Aerowaves (2010)

"A shocking choreography, of great beauty, also accompanied by a shocking music, of which it seems to be a “live video clip"


El Cultural

“VEN has managed to catch from the first moment and has kept all the attendees tense until the last movement. An impeccable execution. (Danza Eter)"


Danza Ete

"Jewel full of strength and intimacy, which simply made us cry. (En escena)"


En escena

"These two people from Galicia are extraordinarily profound and connected, a perfect interplay which fascinates and surprises... as though they defied the laws of physics. (Kreuzmannová, Tanec Praha, Czech Republic.)"


Kreuzmannová, Tanec Praha, República Checa

"These two are as confident traversing each other’s bodies as they are challenging their own, going where others would literally fear to tread. (Sam Gauntlett, Resolution Review, London)"


Sam Gauntlett, Resolution Review, Londres
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